Photography Videography Teaching Corporate Pictures Event Pictures
Photography Videography Teaching Corporate Pictures Event Pictures

What are you passionate about?
How do you know when something is that important to you?
I think in this case you want to be successful.
Not just to get paid, but to be happy about what you are doing.
I have a passion for great photography. In my 30-year career in photography
I have realised that with my passion, you will be happy with the pictures.
Why is that? Because my expectations are higher than yours.

I have been a photographer for 30 years. I feel very lucky to have found a profession that I enjoy so much.
I like everyone and meeting new people is the best thing in life.
The best part of photographing people is showing them as they are, being the best version of themselves.
You are beautiful and I will show that in the photo.

I learnt more in an hour than I would have done in dozens of hours of self-study. It was especially rewarding to get feedback from a professional on the photos I took. We looked at angles, framing, exposure, toning and image processing adjustments. In addition to great tips and advice, I had several moments of insight - yes, that's how it's done! In addition to learning, the sparring session was a lot of fun. It was a really good feeling, I will go again in the future. It's hard to imagine a better and faster way to learn photography.

Petri Toikkanen
Photography enthusiast from Finland

I had the pleasure of working with Liisa on my family photoshoot and I couldn't be happier with the results. She captured beautiful and natural moments that truly reflected my personalities. Her attention to detail and creativity shone through in each shot. I highly recommend Liisa to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer.

Ramin Zamani







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