Additional light outdoors

The importance of additional light outdoors

By the way, the middle one is the only one I accept when it comes to a photo taken by a professional.
Indeed, the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE is IRRAL LIGHTNING. In this situation, without lightning, the face is too dark when the background is ok and when the face is ok sky is completely white. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about this contrast if there is no additional light. I have to choose either too light sky or dark face.
A significantly impressive thing is the burning tool of the OBJECTIVE.
Middle one shot 100mm where the mountains behind look closer.
Top and bottom picture (so same picture) I’ve shot 40mm again so at a pretty wide angle and the background seems to be farther away.
Both pictures have the same hole, so the softness of the background was only affected by the lens’s focus.
I am a friend of a more beautiful than natural picture.
When painting, the artist gets to decide everything.
I think it’s perfectly fine and necessary for the photographer to use the means at his disposal to achieve the image of what he is photographing.
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