Choosing the right location

Choosing the right location

If no auxiliary lights or reflectors are used, it is particularly important to choose a location for the model that is appropriate to the existing light so that the light is where you want it.
Do not place the subject in direct sunlight as, for example, looking into the light will cause glare and squinting of the eyes. If the sun is shining from a high angle, the eyes will be black. Remember that it is not always a good idea to place the subject in the centre of the frame, but it is good for the narrative of the picture to leave space in the direction of the eye.

Shooting locations

On the shore of a lake in the sunshine, the light was wanted on the face.

In the picture, the sunlight is coming in from the left, so most of the face is in shadow.

Looking at the horizon

Pay attention to the horizon too. In other words, always check the straightness of the horizon when taking a picture. In the picture, the horizon is slanted and passes through the head.

A girl sitting on a dock railing in a lake landscape.
The model is positioned so that the light can reach her face. Her eyes are rightly closed as she enjoys the first rays of spring sunshine. The photo was also taken with a larger aperture to make the landscape less blurred and to better expose the subject.
The photo was taken from a lower angle, so that there is a quiet area around the model’s head and the horizon is also lower and straight and does not disturb the subject.

When choosing a location, check

  • The direction of the light
  • The subject’s surroundings
  • The straightness of the horizon
  • Justified cropping
  • The choice of exposure aperture depending on how accurate a landscape you want for your subject



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