First some questions for you…

  • Do you enjoy your work?
  • Is your customer happy?
  • How satisfied?
  • Can your service be improved?
  • Do you want to improve your service and make more sales?
  • Can you afford not to serve your customers better than your competitors?
  • Is your marketing effective?
  • Do you know who your customers or prospects are?
  • What kind of marketing will get them interested?


If you can serve your customers so well that they become your referrals, you will be happier. Why is that? Because you’ll feel good about serving a satisfied customer, and your cash register will ring more. Not to mention you won’t have to spend time dealing with complaints. That is, if you want to feel successful.

The customer’s basic assumption is that the service is good. Only when their expectations are exceeded will they become satisfied and refer others. Do you know how to positively surprise your customer?
Unfortunately, if just one thing about your service goes wrong, it will affect your customer’s perception more than the 10 things that work. More often than not, people are more likely to tell their friends about it than about the basic good service. For this reason, service should be honed to the point where the whole experience not only meets but exceeds expectations.


Usually an expensive consultant comes into the company to look at these things. A small or medium-sized company cannot afford such a consultant. Besides, all you have is the consultant’s subjective opinion. What if you were helped by an entrepreneurial colleague who’s going to use what your customers say? An easier, cheaper and more down-to-earth way to improve your business. It’s not free either, but the point is that the money spent will be returned by satisfied customers. Get in touch and let’s talk about your situation and the steps you need to take.

Liisa Karling has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneurial photographer. Studio Karling was for many years the most respected photography studio in Tampere. Google reviews 69kpl rating 4,9/5 and Facebook (photographer Liisa Karling) reviews 228kpl rating also 4,9/5. This result did not happen by accident. Liisa has built the service to exceed the customer’s expectations every time.

Towards better service

Not only customer service, but also the service landscape, i.e. what you place look like. Customers get an impression of the service as soon as they walk in the door. Entrepreneurs often look too closely at their own businesses. That’s why it’s good to have an outsider look in. The combination of customer interviews and Liisa’s observations will give you the tools to take your business to the next level. A satisfied customer will buy more and recommend you to others.

With Service Design, you can increase your customer insight. You understand who your customers are and who you should be marketing to. What’s working well now and what could be improved. How to keep an existing customer. A customer relationship is like a marriage, if you start to take it for granted, the downward spiral starts and they may try another option.

“I have been filming companies for years. The images and their message are designed around what I and my clients think is good. In many cases it’s certainly a workable equation, but by adding customer insight the message is much more powerful. “Liisa Karling

Allow us to exceed your expectations

We offer a service where we get to the heart of your business together with business coach Riikka Lindsten. In addition to coaching, Riikka has many years of experience in various development assignments where she has involved people in developing processes, services and ways of working in a customer-oriented way. We will work with you to select the right parts of our services for you. We tailor our services to your needs and requirements. By understanding who your best/potential customers are and what kind of message appeals to them, the photos and videos we make for you will work best and deliver the results you want. The buying customer.

You can order a monitoring and service design package on its own, or with the end product being a corporate video, for example. Video is today. It is much more effective than a photograph in creating the desired image of your company. When a video script is made knowing the target audience, it works.


  • Service design
  • Customer survey
  • Customer interview
  • Customer profiling
  • Observation
  • Mystery shopper
  • Photography
  • Reels
  • Videos
  • Report region

PROJECT for KC Clinic

  • We started the project with a customer survey. We found out who the customers were, why they chose the company they did and what they thought of the service.
    Based on this we did a customer profiling.
    We gained invaluable insight into what influenced their purchasing decision. Who to target with marketing. What they think is important.
  • User testing for staff photos. Using three different versions of staff photos, we found out what kind of image they had in mind. The staff photos for the website were taken according to the results of the survey.
  • We interviewed customers in Clinik about their experience of the service.
  • We observed the service landscape and the whole service path from the customer’s point of view.
  • We created two different videos, taking into account what we had found out from the client interviews about what they found important about the service. In the second video, we presented the client’s service pathway from consultation to surgery. In the second, we gave more details about the consultation process.
  • Before finalising the videos, we user-tested them and made some changes based on that.
  • We also shot a comprehensive set of photos for social media and a reel of lip fill on the operation on our phone.
  • In the final report, we presented all the results and suggestions for improving the operation.
  • PRICE for all this 11 500€ +vat 24%

The results of the customer survey provided a comprehensive insight into KC Clinic's customers. Who they are, what they value about what we are doing and where they'd like to see us improve. Both the results of the survey and the observations made during the process have helped us to better understand our customers. Customer insight will help us continue to make our services more customer friendly. We will also be able to use customer insight in our marketing and sales activities to make them more relevant to our target audience.The main benefits of the service were a more detailed understanding of our customers and, in the final report suggestions for improving our operations, such as maximising customer satisfaction and improving customer acquisition. In addition the project resulted in high quality marketing materials and service description videos. The service provided us with suggestions on how to improve our business from an external perspective.

Sofianna Kupi
Marketing Manager KC Clinic

I learnt more in an hour than I would have done in dozens of hours of self-study. It was especially rewarding to get feedback from a professional on the photos I took. We looked at angles, framing, exposure, toning and image processing adjustments. In addition to great tips and advice, I had several moments of insight - yes, that's how it's done! In addition to learning, the sparring session was a lot of fun. It was a really good feeling, I will go again in the future. It's hard to imagine a better and faster way to learn photography.

Petri Toikkanen
Photography enthusiast from Finland

I had the pleasure of working with Liisa on my family photoshoot and I couldn't be happier with the results. She captured beautiful and natural moments that truly reflected my personalities. Her attention to detail and creativity shone through in each shot. I highly recommend Liisa to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer.

Ramin Zamani







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