What is it about?

The private lesson is a photography personal trainer lesson. A private lesson is organised according to your wishes. We focus on the things you need the most guidance on.
In a private lesson you will learn exactly what you need to learn.
A private lesson will help you develop as a photographer years faster than hours of online tutorials. A private lesson can be held on site or remotely at your convenience.
Working from your own starting point, we can focus on teaching you the things that will take you further. The lesson is not a pre-planned package where the teacher talks you through what you are used to, but a truly interactive coaching session where we discuss the issue from different perspectives until you are sure you are completely clear.
We can focus on either photography or image processing. Of course the two are very closely related and it’s usually a good idea to touch on the other when talking about one.

Why should I take private lessons?

Private lessons are worth taking because you want to learn and improve. You’ve invested a lot of money in your system camera, so you want to get the most out of it.
There are many reasons for wanting to do this, some people have a need for pictures at work, others want to add their own personal photos to their social media channels, and others want to capture unique moments with their family. Whatever the reason, I promise you will learn more.

Regularity is rewarded

For best results, private lessons are best taken regularly, with a weekly or bimonthly rhythm recommended to ensure that previous lessons are not forgotten. Of course, you can always choose how often you attend, depending on your life situation, inspiration and resources.

How does it work?

We always start the class by looking at the photos you have taken. Last time we talked about the things that move you forward, and you have a few things to think about when you take pictures. We’ll look at your photos to see how well you’ve done.
It’s worth thinking of learning as a long-term process. No one becomes a master overnight, but with a systematic approach you will always move to the next level in a reasonable amount of time.


The price of private lessons depends on how many lessons you buy at one time.
Do not hesitate to contact me for more information!

I learnt more in an hour than I would have done in dozens of hours of self-study. It was especially rewarding to get feedback from a professional on the photos I took. We looked at angles, framing, exposure, toning and image processing adjustments. In addition to great tips and advice, I had several moments of insight - yes, that's how it's done! In addition to learning, the sparring session was a lot of fun. It was a really good feeling, I will go again in the future. It's hard to imagine a better and faster way to learn photography.

Petri Toikkanen
Photography enthusiast from Finland

I had the pleasure of working with Liisa on my family photoshoot and I couldn't be happier with the results. She captured beautiful and natural moments that truly reflected my personalities. Her attention to detail and creativity shone through in each shot. I highly recommend Liisa to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer.

Ramin Zamani







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