Liisa's patient, open, relaxed and knowledgeable teaching. I have been able to improve my photography in a short time. Liisa's teaching has a safe and open atmosphere. Liisa teaches in a supportive, individual and precise way.

Roosa Ruokokoski
Photography enthusiast from Finland

I learnt more in an hour than I would have done in dozens of hours of self-study. It was especially rewarding to get feedback from a professional on the photos I took. We looked at angles, framing, exposure, toning and image processing adjustments. In addition to great tips and advice, I had several moments of insight - yes, that's how it's done! In addition to learning, the sparring session was a lot of fun. It was a really good feeling, I will go again in the future. It's hard to imagine a better and faster way to learn photography.

Petri Toikkanen
Photography enthusiast from Finland

The training that Liisa gave me completely changed my way of thinking about photography. I got so many tips on photography and image processing. I had never thought before how much light and cropping, for example, play a role in the final result of an image. I found the training very useful and developmental! Highly recommend 👍🏼

Sofianna Kupi
KC Clinic, Finland

I had the pleasure of working with Liisa on my family photoshoot and I couldn't be happier with the results. She captured beautiful and natural moments that truly reflected my personality. Her attention to detail and creativity shone through in each shot. I highly recommend Liisa to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer.

Ramin Zamani

Liisa approached the making of the TV commercial and YouTube videos with courage and enthusiasm, and with a lot of thought and consideration. On the second day, we photographed the staff, taking lots of pictures with different themes. Although the shooting days were long, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. Liisa guided us "models" with a charming touch, looking for the best angle for all of us.

Tuire Laakso
ÖGA, Surgical eye hospital, Tampere Finland

A very exciting day. It was my first professional shoot and Liisa took a lot of time. The location, as well as capturing the right moment during our couple shoot fit perfectly. Likewise, we had a part of the shoot very intimate, which took place without any uncomfortable feelings. It was very relaxing. The further processing of the photos was very fast and professional. The photos are also available in black and white, or in color. I will definitely use her work again and can absolutely recommend you.

Liane Fehlberg

A two-hour consultation was ordered to improve the quality of the photos. And yes, we got great tips, practical and easy to implement. This was a great job. We ended up immediately booking further lessons 😀. A very strong recommendation for the services of Photographic Assistance!!!

Maikku Tammisto
Action Academy, Finland

We photographed our firstborn at 3,5 months old and although our daughter was reluctant to pose, and I was afraid we wouldn't get any usable photos, Liisa managed to capture absolutely captivating images of her and us as a family. She also gave her all to the shoot, and tried to keep the model happy (which was not easy)! I highly recommend!

Mira Arbelin

Liisa's second photoshoot with us. This time the weather was challenging, but Liisa handled the challenge with great professionalism. With a relaxed atmosphere and good direction, Liisa makes the subject relax and brings out the personality of the subject. A strong recommendation.

Minna Heikinheimo

The result of a fun and laugh-filled shoot was a wonderful set of yo-photos. With her professional and cheerful attitude, Liisa made even this shy photographer relax. Even her own wishes were taken into account in a great way. I warmly recommend!

Ella-Maria Salmi

Expert and inventive situation management in photography! I highly recommend.

Piia Suursalmi

Very professional photographer, brings out the best in the subject with clear advice!

Tiina Tikka

Thank you, it was a nice shoot and a memorable day. The pulls came quickly and many favourites have already been found there. The choice will be made together as you can trust Liisa's professionalism.

Suvi Saarinen







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